"Choosing to Be Great Instead of Big."

- Small Giants, Bo Burlingham

Getting to know us is worth it...


Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology works with visionary organizations who are ready to tackle today's biggest business challenges, but lack a strategy to enter a new market, launch a product, manage leadership change, and attract top talent. We provide value by becoming deeply invested in knowing your customers, business objectives and brand. 

Much like the clients we work with, we question the standard definition of success. To us, success starts at building a positive and energetic culture. This helps us create creative teams that love to win, together. Every one of our clients are provided with their own team of designers, developers, strategist, and writers who collaborate to help achieve client goals. 


Meet Your Marketing + Technology Badasses 

Each team member at Red Caffeine takes time to understand your personal needs, pain points, likes and dislikes. That way, you're always presented with a special blend of marketing + technology that benefits you and your brand. Take a shot of espresso or a sip of your favorite craft brew. Stay awhile and get to know us!

Kathy Steele President & CEO

Kathy loves the crazy ride of being an entrepreneur, building brands, simple user experiences and happy employees. She is married to manufacturing, literally.

Julie Poulos Vice President

Better known as Vice Princess, Mistress of Marketing or Social Butterfly, Julie is passionate about sharing her love for marketing + technology with anyone who is looking to move the needle in their business! She freely shares her successes and failures as she is driven to help others solve problems

Clarissa Johnstone Art Director

Clarissa loves all things related to art, design, music, and craft beers. After being in the field for a decade, she can honestly say she loves it as much today as she did on her first day.

Emre Biberoglu CTO

Our Chief Technology Officer at Red Caffeine loves his Ducati Monster, premium brewed coffee, and having 3+ monitors on his desk. When it comes to the latest in programming and tech, chances are he knew about it at least two years ago.

Jimmy Merritello Strategy & Digital Lead

Jimmy loves guitars and electronics, his switch from iOS to Android-vanilla, coffee, and sports. When not researching competition or fusing ideas into marketing strategy, he’s usually exploring web tech and checking with Emre to seek the truth.

Kim MacGregor Content Writer & Consultant

Kim loves discovering the story in every brand, making the complex clear, and finding just the right word when she needs it. This soccer mom’s best ideas come when she’s running at dawn.

Heather Carbray Operations Manager

Heather loves crunching numbers, pinching pennies, and “networking” by keeping a full candy bowl to ensure she gets plenty of visitors at her desk every day.

Dan Mantilla Online Strategist

Dan is passionate about helping manufacturers, professionals, and tech companies generate new lead or sales opportunities online. Dan gets great satisfaction out of improving clients’ web presence through paid search, search engine optimization, and analytics.

Kacey Keegan Content Writer & Strategist

Kacey plays online matchmaker by connecting businesses daily. Outside of work she's either enjoying the outdoors, ideally on a boat or near the water, or she's trying out a new Chicago bar or restaurant with friends.

Shannon Callarman Content Director

Shannon helps businesses tell better stories online through engaging content and storytelling. After 5pm hits, she's rushing to yoga class, checking out a Kate Spade 25% off sale, writing her love story thriller, or catching up on the latest episode of HBO Girls.

Chaz Klein Tech Lead & Developer

When Chaz isn't hitting the course, playing frisbee golf, he’s responsible for leading all things web at RC. Beyond the development of websites and applications, his technical lead role ensures the entire tech team is utilizing the best techniques and technologies on every project.

Natalie Dubs Account Manager

Natalie successfully assists clients in achieving their marketing bucket lists by boiling down large-scale marketing plans into manageable projects. When there’s not an Iowa Hawkeye Football game on, she’s planning her next home improvement project, catching up with friends or hanging out with her “puppy-nieces” Maeby and Minnie.

Kayla Portillo Account Manager

Kayla loves working with the RC team to help clients meet their business goals through strategic and effective marketing. An Indiana native, she spends her free time hanging out with her family, exploring the city and suburbs, and cheering for Chicago sports teams.

Josh Fuentes Junior Developer

Josh is a former coffee master fitting the Red Caffeine name perfectly. Now, he's a Jr. Developer and enjoys building out his skills as a web designer. When Josh isn't building a new website or concocting another brew, he loves pondering the important questions in life like..."Who's idea was it to make vanilla oreos? C'mon now..."

Danny Wyse Graphic Designer

Danny is always looking to improve and seeks out new things to do. At the same time he enjoys a routine and always revisits the classics. Danny loves his friends and family, listening to vinyl, and attending concerts and sporting events. But, he could also always go for a good bon fire.

Laura Kaster Public Relations Consultant

Laura enjoys locating and sharing brand stories through a variety of mediums to effectively connect with target audiences, as well as building and maintaining relationships with media contacts across the country. When she isn't connecting brands with the media or crafting story ideas, Laura enjoys spending time with her family and making baked goods in her tiny but efficient kitchen.

Jakki Roller Coordinator of Culture

Jacqueline loves all things psychology. As RC's Coordinator of Culture, she's always thinking about how to intentionality build our brand around the Brew Crew's badass flava'. When she isn't architecting culture, she's attending life coaching classes, creating art, working with special needs kids, or drinking a glass of chardonnay with her cat, Hershey.

Michael Bevilacqua Graphic Designer

Michael loves exploring the city to find cool design ideas, as well as going to concerts and checking out the Art Institute. If you stop to talk to him, you’ll probably get a smart-aleck response, but talk to him anyway, I have been told he is a super humble guy .

Amy Anderson Director of Client Services

Amy is passionate about delivering great client experiences and takes pride in forming long-lasting professional and personal relationships with her clients. When she's not writing a marketing plan or selling a new creative idea, you can find her checking out a new alfresco dining spot, or honing her cheering skills at her kids' sporting events.

Lauren Risetter Assistant Account Manager

Lauren helps manage win-wins for our clients and our team. Outside of work, she's a total nature nut: exploring parks, hiking trails, and biking routes. She's also a fan of swing dancing, coffee shops, breweries, and playing pickup soccer!

Nick McGuire Digital Marketing Strategist

Nick puts the “+” in “Marketing + Technology.” He’s a tech master, specializing in SEO, SEM, marketing automation and sales enablement. He’s also a big movie buff and loves reading, going to Cubs games, and running a podcast on politics and craft beer (yes, it's a real thing)!

Michelle Phelps Account Manager & PR Specialist

Michelle joined our client services team to help welcome new clients to the RC family. She loves strengthening community engagement, driving event attendance, and cultivating strategic partnerships by finding interesting ways to tell client stories. With years of experience as a marketing and public relations consultant and event planner, working with municipalities and in the restaurant, hospitality and media industries, she was the perfect fit! She’s trained in ballet, loves indie rock concerts and is obsessed with traveling, fashion, and photography.

Bella CEO Office Dog

I love spending time with the Red Caffeine team. I'm always wagging my tail with happiness. A typical day for me is hanging out by the front windows, taking long naps, and soaking in the sun. I have a tendency of barking at the postman. He always looks so suspicious!

Bickell Guard Dog

Ask me to do a trick and you better have a treat for me! This dog doesn't work for free. I may be small, but I'm one feisty pup. But that doesn't mean I don't have a soft spot. I like to keep everyone here safe and free from harm!

Oscar Office Motivational Speaker

Clarissa takes me to work almost every day to help boost morale! I like to jump on people's laps and cuddle. Sometimes it's hard for them to type on their computers when I have my head hanging on their arm, but no one seems to care. The best part of working at RC? The endless amount of treats!

We're Hiring! This Could Be You

Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology 2016
Best Places to Work in Illinois

We happen to think we're a pretty awesome group of people to work with — but don't just take our word for it.

Red Caffeine is one of 30 companies selected in the Small Business category for the 2016 Best Places to Work in Illinois by the Daily Herald Business Ledger for our employee engagement and fun company culture. Our notable distinctives include open-book financial management, quarterly bonuses, celebratory outings, "Thirsty Thursdays", weekly "Culture Club" lunches, and our entertaining (but not so competitive) softball team — the Brew Crew.

Learn more about how Red Caffeine's culture drives our business success. And now that you know we're one of the best places to work in Illinois, check out our open positions and connect with us if you think you're a good fit for our culture!