No Need to Show ID for This Club

Culture Club

Not every business gets a chance to reboot. In November 2013, after ten years in a business partnership, Kathy Steele founded Red Caffeine, Marketing + Technology with seven members of her former team. In this new venture we were determined to do things different.

We value building an exceptional culture and giving back to our community while delivering amazing work. We believe in financial transparency. We educate our entire team on what it takes to run a profitable business and create skin in the game for everyone. We play together and win together.

When you work at or with Red Caffeine you become part of the “Culture Club”. Dogs, hugs, craft beer and potent coffee are all a part of our Caffeinated Advantage.


The Company We Keep

We are fortunate to be associated with organizations that set the bar for business ethics, share their experiences and keep us accountable to always be striving for greatness…

The Fun Stuff