Julie Poulos

Julie Poulos

Vice President

Julie serves as Red Caffeine’s Vice President, but she prefers the nickname Vice Princess that was bestowed upon her by RC’s CTO, Emre. She’s also known as the Mistress of Marketing and our Culture AmBADASSador.


Julie began her RC journey when she first heard Kathy speak at a conference. Afterward, she was quick to message her on LinkedIn to see if there were any open opportunities. Initially, Julie was hired without an open position available at the time, and she joined the team with a slight suspicion that her big personality was too much for Kathy at first. But, through the unsolicited support of a mutual friend, Kathy was convinced they were two peas in a pod and destined to work together.


Once joining RC, Julie and Kathy were immediately aligned from a vision standpoint and knew that to truly provide value to clients, they needed more than a website, logo, and brochure. They had to be entangled in the process of understanding clients’ business goals and learning about their buyers and marketplace.


Serving as a client advocate and our primary person acquiring new business development, she’s a pro at developing relationships, connecting people, and finding solutions to address business challenges. Her experience in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur helps her identify with successes, failures, and the demands of business owners to better assess their needs and recommend strategies that fuel impact.


Julie believes from the bottom of her heart that RC is driven by our purpose and mission because we become fully entangled with our clients, personally and professionally. We’re all motivated by making a meaningful impact on our clients’ goals, as well as our own business goals.


Julie leads the charge as the self-proclaimed Culture AmBADASSador, official Brew Crew softball team Spirit Coach, and our #1 cheerleader. Her “Mom Face” has become a staple of a job well-done in both real-life and meme form. She feels that her greatest accomplishment is when she hears the “Julie-isms” vocalized in meetings around the office.


Post Written by Julie Poulos

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