Lauren Risetter

Lauren Risetter

Assistant Account Manager

Lauren started as an Assistant Account Manager at Red Caffeine in November 2016. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2015 with a double major in English and Communication Studies, she worked as a Communications Specialist for a nonprofit in Lansing, Michigan. After one year, she transitioned into freelance work before meeting Kathy and Julie at Executives Breakfast Club and falling in love with RC’s culture, values, and mantra of transparency.


Since joining RC, Lauren has worked in account management — serving as the wing-woman on multiple client accounts — developed and launched an internship program, implemented two Great Game of Business MiniGames, and helped improve our client onboarding and strategy processes.


In her natural habitat, you’ll find Lauren reading and writing, learning to play guitar, backpacking, visiting family in southwest Michigan, people watching at a coffee shop, pulling subtle pranks, and obsessing over pygmy goats.

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