Shannon Callarman

Shannon Callarman

Content Director

Since Shannon was a little girl, she’s been writing stories. Her first novel was called Cindersonda, a spin on Cinderella. She continued her love for writing years later by tying it into her work and education. In 2009, her internship at IIDA exposed her to blogging where she helped craft compelling monthly features to engage student members. Ever since she’s been able to build a career based on her unique storytelling skills.


Shannon joined the RC team in 2014 to help support the company during a growth period. The content department has continued to grow significantly. Today, she leads a team of content and PR professionals who work together to develop client stories that deserve to be told, heard and loved. She holds over ten years of agency experience and has worked with a wide-range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, government, non-profit, and more. She specializes in employer branding and helps clients not only attract the right customers but also the best talent in their given industry.


Outside the office, Shannon is currently working on several personal writing projects and is involved in Chicago’s diverse writer's community.

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