2017 AmBADASSadors

Celebrating Our Most Flavaful Caffeiners!



We work with a bunch of badass techies, writers, designers, and just fun people! So, for the first time ever, we decided to formally recognize some of our most flavaful team members in our 2017 AmBADASSador awards.

Our Coordinator of Culture and Operations team solicited nominations from the full crew, and at our holiday party, the results were unveiled!

  1. RC "Full Embodied" AmBADASSador

This person emulates the RC flava and values. She is a team player and is always willing to jump in to help a co-Caffeiner out! She is trusted by team members as a professional and personal resource and sets an example of what leadership, emotional intelligence, and trust looks like. This Full Embodied AmBADASSador is passionate, energetic and fearless, and represents RC’s flava in and out of the office.  

And the winner is?? JULIE POULOS!

  1. RC "Fully Caffeinated" AmBADASSador

This person is innovative and resourceful, and always looking for a way to improve the bottom line. Whether he is creating a new process or improving one that’s in place, the end goal is to help Red Caffeine and our clients thrive. He believes in the culture of learning and proactively seeks out the next best software, tool or process to boost us to the next level.

And the winner is?? JIMMY MERRITELLO!

  1. RC "Brewed to Perfection" AmBADASSador

This award best describes someone who exemplifies the Exceptional Client Experience.

This person develops deep and meaningful relationships with her clients. She is a day-to-day client advocate and grows business accounts in ways to best serve their goals. She is strategic, forward thinking, and keeps our team and our clients on timeline and budget. She believes that all clients’ stories deserve to be told.

And the winner is?? NATALIE DUBS!

While everyone was a great contender for one or more categories, we’re super proud to show off our 2017 winners! #TEAMCAFFEINE