A Whole New Kind of Hardware Store

Red Caffeine helps launch a playground for engineers

The Hardware Store® Brand Launch

Red Caffeine has been integral to Bi-Link®’s Hardware Store® launch in Research Triangle Park (RTP) near Raleigh, North Carolina. The Hardware Store® is an innovation center for engineers and entrepreneurs to collaborate. This tech hub features advanced 3D modeling software, highly accurate 3D printing, versatile CNC machining equipment, and more. The Hardware Store is unlike any other establishment in Bi-Link®’s market—the pioneer of early stage design for manufacturing. Our challenge was to capture that value and relay the message to those who would most benefit from it.

We started by building The Hardware Store® brand. In a few words, The Hardware Store® could be described as a playground for engineers. But more than that, it’s somewhere these innovators can go to transform vague concepts into real mechanical parts. These parts could someday operate a life-saving medical device, a safety feature in the automotive industry, or a new gadget for your smartphone. We created a strong brand identity and story that speaks to this potential for impactful innovation.

Next, we designed an outreach campaign. We only had one shot at the grand opening, and it was essential to get the most influential audience possible. In preparation for The Hardware Store® launch, we invited targeted engineers from the Research Triangle Park area, one of the highest concentrations of PhDs in North America. We also gained the support of Research Triangle Park’s community coordinator and other local economic development officials.

We needed to see the outcome of all our hard work, so Jimmy Merritello, Red Caffeine’s Strategy Lead, flew down to Raleigh for The Hardware Store® grand opening. He got to “nerd-out”: watching CNC machines cut 3D models, observing the injection molding process, and interacting with 15-micron accurate 3D-printed parts. 

The Hardware Store® at RTP is only the first location Bi-Link® has opened. We look forward to our involvement with their next project, launching the San Diego location.

To learn more about Bi-Link® and The Hardware Store®, please visit their website.