Encore Communicator Awards

Almost as good as the CUP 2015 Communicator Awards

Almost as Good as The CUP

While we may not be parading around town with our swag, we are pretty excited to be recognized for our efforts. We’ve been honored with 2015 Communicator Awards of Distinction for a website design and for creating a short film/video.

Earlier this year, we created a video for our client KCIC to highlight their newly expanded technology platform – Ligado. The client faced a tricky problem. They needed to showcase their claims management technology database in an intriguing way. We invented “The Beast” and personified the pain points faced in the product liability and mass tort litigation industry. This video earned us a 2015 Award of Distinction in the film/video category. The client now hosts the “Tame the Beast” video on the Technology service page on their website. See the video here >

We also took home an Award of Distinction for the Bi-Link™ website. We branded the Bi-Link™ website to reflect the company’s innovative and collaborative energy. Bi-Link™ is a Mind to Market™ company. They help take ideas from an open innovation phase, to prototyping, to metal stamping, to sub-assemblies. The website has a CTA on every page because Bi-Link™ is always ready to take your idea to full-scale manufacturing. See their website here >