Front and Center for the Big Reveal

Elk Grove Mayor's Big Reveal Earns Big Support

Makers Wanted In Elk Grove Village

In the few days leading up to the annual State of the Village Address, bits of information were released teasing out to a big reveal. As agency of record for Elk Grove Village, we were among the few looped-in on the insider information. We were eager to attend the event and witness reactions to Mayor Johnson’s big news.

Red Caffeine team members, alongside Village members, local leaders and press, sat in the audience as Mayor Craig Johnson recapped the 2014 fiscal report and introduced this year’s action-packed plan to attract new businesses and retain existing companies.

The presentation included a preview of the Mid-summer Classics Concert Series, the 60th anniversary celebrations, awards Elk Grove Village won in the last year, an introduction to the 2015 Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing & Technology Expo, and explanation of budget allocation. The budget supports: infrastructure improvements, Village beautification, the Busse Woods Dam modification, and the new Makers Wanted advertising campaign.

This campaign is different from anything Elk Grove Village has done before. It is an integrated marketing campaign including digital billboards, print advertising, radio advertising, TV in-game ticker ads, and TV commercials. This announcement was very well received, earning an all-attendee round-of-applause! 

Our team had a great time at the Elk Grove Village Annual State of the Village Address, plus the food was delicious! We are excited to continue collaboration with the Village on their advertising and marketing efforts. Look out for what’s to come with Elk Grove Village’s new Maker's Wanted campaign! 

Watch the Makers Wanted commercials:

Elk Grove Village Gateway Commercial

Elk Grove Village Industrial Commercial

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