Introducing the class of Junto IV

Red Caffeine Joins a 9-month Apprenticeship Program

Red Caffeine Joins 9-Month Apprenticeship Program

We’ve grown a lot in a very short amount of time — in staff, clients and revenue. In fact, our team has nearly doubled in size within two years. But with great success comes challenges. Our founding values and processes are no longer enough to manage all of our company needs.

We sought out different programs to help take Red Caffeine to the next level. While many we looked at were very CEO-driven, The Junto Institute is a program that engages the entire team. We took the dive and are now members of the Junto IV class.

“The Junto Institute is a school through which founders grow as fast as their companies. The nine-month apprenticeship program improves leadership competencies, emotional intelligence and management skills by tapping into the wisdom of seasoned entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives.”

Over the next nine-months the Red Caffeine team will be guided by a mentor team and participating in leadership forums, classes and tutoring.

With the completion of this program we hope to grow our emotional intelligence, improve communication within our organization, as well as business acumen in key critical areas. The whole experience is about giving, sharing, learning and growing.

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