Jimmy Goes Back to School

Business Incubator Learns Internet Marketing

In the fall of 2014, Elk Grove Village High School (EGHS) introduced a new program, Business Incubator Entrepreneurship. The students enrolled in this class create a business and learn the logistics to kicking off a start-up company.

Jimmy Merritello, Red Caffeine’s Strategy Lead, has been an active business mentor since the beginning of the program. He recently gave a presentation on the basics of internet marketing. The main points of his presentation follow:

  • Establish your marketing goals
  • Define how your business model plays with the web
  • Find out where your audience/prospects hang out
  • Test the waters on tactics
  • Put a plan together
  • Execute the plan

The quality of the program and the businesses formed by these students continue to improve each semester. After returning from his presentation, Jimmy said, “The students and faculty are all learning a lot from previous semesters. They’re doing an awesome job and the program is really coming together. I’m impressed.”

Jimmy’s stamp of approval means a lot around the Red Caffeine office. Good job EGHS!

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If you want to learn more about the Business Incubator Entrepreneurship course, follow them on Twitter @EGBusinessIncub.