Jimmy Takes Charge

Educating Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn for Business

Jimmy Takes Charge

Our Lead Strategist Jimmy Merritello wrapped up July by educating entrepreneurs on the do’s and don’ts of using LinkedIn for business. This 2-hour, social media workshop took place at Rev3 Innovation Center in Naperville, IL.  

Getting social for business allows you to share marketing content, expand brand awareness, showcase credibility and generate leads. If used properly, LinkedIn is a tool that can truly impact your business for the better. 

Attendees of the workshop are now equipped to:

• Align business goals with a strong LinkedIn presence.
• Revamp personal and company profiles.
• Establish a company-wide LinkedIn strategy. 
• Consider a targeted campaign with sponsored content. 
• Join the 500+ connection club the right way! 

The presentation was a collaborative effort where entrepreneurial attendees, business leaders and Red Caffeine staff all piped in bits of information, tips and personal experiences accompanying Jimmy’s presentation.

The best parts of the night were the audible “ah-hah moments.” Hearing the wheels turning and clicking into place in a business leader’s mind was music to our ears.

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