Julie's HR Presentation

How Marketing Tactics Lead to Successful Recruits

It came as a surprise when Red Caffeine’s VP Julie Poulos was asked by The Management Association to participate on a panel — made up entirely by HR recruiting professionals — called “Recruiting Today: Exploring Pieces of the Puzzle” at the Annual Employment Law Conference 2015. As a marketing person, why would they want her to be a part of the discussion?

Recruiters employ marketing tactics to promote available positions and “sell” their company to potential candidates. And who knows more about promotions and strategies to support sales than a marketing sales person?

Julie discussed how branding, marketing tools, web design, company culture, and marketing trends all play key roles in successful recruiting.

The questions Julie was asked on the panel included:

  • As a marketing person, what do you have to do with recruiting?
  • How can companies assess/review their branding efforts as it relates to attracting candidates?
  • What should companies think about having as “cultural” on their website?  Should HR have influence into the website design/content?
  • What new trends in marketing should employers use for recruiting purposes?  How should an employer tell their story?  How can they stand out against the competition?

Click here to see her responses.