Sage Summit Takeaways

This July, Kathy, Julie, Bunny and Jakki attended Sage Summit. They listened to celebrated speakers, gave presentations to small groups as a part of a mentor neighborhood, and had the opportunity to one-on-one mentor business leaders and entrepreneurs.

In the mentor neighborhood, Kathy presented “The Naked Truth.” She spoke about entrepreneurship, her journey to becoming the president of an award winning company and culture, and all the ups and downs she encountered along the way. Julie advised on how to build the foundation of a marketing plan and its importance.

One of the main takeaways, besides the amazing connections we made, was hearing Sir Richard Branson’s energizing and motivational speech about the power and inspirational influence of being an entrepreneur. A quote of his we loved was, “When you succeed in business, you realize the sky’s the limit. Anything is possible.”

We are nurturing our relationship with Sage Summit as the Director of Content interviewed Julie and plans on utilizing nuggets and the presentations in their social and user forums.