Kathy & Julie Attend Annual TMA Board of Directors Retreat

For this year’s Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) Annual Board of Directors retreat, Kathy and Julie were told to pack their bags and grab their casino chips because they were headed to viva Las Vegas, baby! Our working relationship with the TMA began with an invitation to present at this same event just three short years ago. Since then, we have sponsored various events and supported many association members! This year, Kathy and Julie hosted a lunchtime cabana oasis, on behalf of Red Caffeine — complete with a delectable signature drink, the RCjito.

This retreat was an amazing opportunity for Kathy and Julie to nurture the existing relationships that we have with our great friends and clients, including this year's Chairman of the Board Jim Carr of Carr Machine and Tool and the Vice Chairman Aaron Wiegel of Wiegel Tool Works. In true RC fashion, we were also able to round-up a few relationship-driven introductions to new friends.