Live from The Summit

Kathy Steele speaks at Small Giants about building a trusted local network of businesses

RC President Kathy Steele was featured on a panel at the Inc.  Small Giants  summit that was held in Chicago Sept. 21-23.

The Inc. Small Giants Community is a group of people from businesses across the globe who define success not just by financial bottom lines, but also by contributions to their communities, dedication to great customer service, and creation and preservation of workplace cultures of excellence.

Members promote a practitioner-driven learning experience within their community. The panel Kathy was part of spoke about organizational transparency — a key element in a Small Giant business — and how it aids in developing close relationships with other local, like-minded businesses. Along with Erin Walter of  NuphorIQ  and Steve Krull of befoundonline, she discussed how sharing all types of experiences, ranging from The Great Game of Business’ Open Book Management to how to improve operationally, made them all the more profound because each exhibited a similar set of values.

Kathy’s session was just one in a jam-packed, three-day summit where other values-based leaders shared their challenges and successes.

"Attending the summit in 2013 changed my business vision and leadership style dramatically. Having a trusted group of entrepreneurs to exchange ideas with is priceless."

- Kathy Steele

To learn more about how we practice Small Giants values, visit culture club on The Perfect Blend..