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Julie Voices the Value of Marketing for Makers

Julie Voices the Value of Marketing for Manufacturers

Our Vice Princess, Julie Poulos, spent 30 minutes in the spotlight on the recent MakingChips Podcast episode, “Marketing Lesson #1 – Brand Strategy for your Manufacturing Company with Julie Poulos.”

MakingChips  is a weekly podcast for leaders in the metalworking manufacturing industry. It’s co-hosted by Jim Carr, CNC and machining extraordinaire, and Jason Zenger, 3rd generation owner of an industrial supply company. MakingChips is unique because Jason and Jim “are in the trenches getting dirty, leading, managing, designing, solving problems and pushing productivity.”

Julie talked through the five marketing steps your company should be aware of. Plus, she explains what is so important about your company’s brand image and why a marketing strategy is “a must” for every type of business.

Talk to some marketing gurus about what steps your company should be taking >