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Julie Hosts Marketing Workshop at REV3

Julie Hosts Marketing Workshop at Rev3

Earlier this month, Julie presented her crash course “Marketing 101” to a full house at Rev3 in Naperville, IL, an innovation center for entrepreneurs to cultivate ideas and kick-off their business. 

Attendees who completed her marketing planning workshop are now armed with the knowledge to:

  1. Confirm sales and marketing goals. 
  2. Examine what the competition is doing.
  3. Understand the ever-changing marketplace.
  4. Learn your buyer type, triggers, and perceived objections.
  5. Define a brand story.
  6. Develop a list of customers and prospects.
  7. Determine the needed selling tools.
  8. Outline the marketing programs required to expose your brand. 

The presentation was packed with eager entrepreneurs lining the walls of Rev3 to soak up marketing knowledge. The audience was thoroughly engaged, and Julie’s interactive discussion even sparked a little social media buzz. Since you may have missed Julie live, here are some discussion points that workshop attendees shared live into the Twittersphere that can help get your Marketing 101 thoughts going: 

“Standing out in a commodity business is more about experience.”
“Is differentiation the only way to go in marketing?”
“Can millennials represent your company online?”

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