Julie’s in the HR hot seat again!

Marketing for HR: Your Employment Brand

No, it’s not due to her excessive hugging as a few of you might think! Julie was invited to talk about an emerging trend Red Caffeine had identified: the connection between how branding and marketing impact talent acquisition and retention.

Julie recently presented “Marketing for HR: Your Employment Brand” at the HR Management Association’s “Next Level HR Conference and Annual Meeting.” The focus was to get HR to join the same table as marketing to discuss “how” and “where” you market your organization’s brand. This is as critical for attracting talent as it is for clients.

Julie shared the “recipe” for communicating a brand message consistently across a variety of media platforms, to both a multi-generational talent pool and to clients! She also shared a few RC clients’ stories about how the combination of re-branding and integrated marketing efforts have made them attractive to both business prospects and to talent – both key drivers to impacting their bottom line!