Meet RC's Jr. Developer

Former Barista is Fully Red Caffeinated

Former Barista is Fully Red Caffeinated

The frequency we get to announce our new hires is something we are very proud of. Since we don’t sell a product, our people and services truly drive our success. 

A large part of our full-time hiring strategy emanates from our internship program. So far, this program has found us several great fits who have grown to be full-time employees. Our group-style interviews first test an applicant on their culture fit and then analyze their skills. Our most recent intern turned full-time employee is Josh Fuentes.

Josh has come onboard as a full-time Jr. Developer. He designs and develops web projects, including strategizing the best human-to-computer interaction using his UX design knowledge.

Before Red Caffeine, Josh worked full-time at Starbucks and went to school at the Art Institute of Schaumburg. We were intrigued by the idea of having a former barista on call to tend to our frequent caffeine-deprived needs; admittedly, Josh has yet to show off his espresso-slinging skills. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to keep him.

Something you probably don’t know about Josh: “Before I got into web design, I wanted to be a physical therapist.” Talk about a 180.

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