Meet the Newbies

Red Caffeine adds five members to the family

Meet the Newbies

Make new friends, but keep the old, we’re all Red and our caffeine’s bold.  The Red Caffeine family has grown in the last year, and it’s time for our new members to receive a formal introduction. Meet our newbies and don’t be afraid to reach out and connect. They don’t bite, usually.

Kim McGregor: Joined January 2014

Before joining the Red Caffeine crew, Kim was running her own business as a freelance writer and strategic communications consultant. We met Kim, recognized her talent, and insisted she come onboard.

Bad Ass Award of Excellence: Extra Whip

Sometimes you need a little extra whip to perfect your beverage. Kim is the extra whip Red Caffeine needed to control the madness. She collaborates with clients to unearth and define what makes them unique. She then creates and directs content that shows and tells that story. Ultimately, she tinkers with words a lot and calls people out on grammar violations.

Something you probably don’t know about Kim: “I once backpacked solo across Europe for a month, which included sleeping under a circus tent in Munich with hundreds of other people. My kids don’t believe their mom would ever have done such a thing.”

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Francois du Toit: Joined February 2014

Before Red Caffeine, Francois studied marketing management at Elmhurst College. He also worked on his wind turbine start-up company. Francois started as an intern for Red Caffeine, but when his internship came to an end, we weren’t ready to let him go.

Bad Ass Award of Excellence: Java

It’s a good thing Francois lives up to his Java title, because you need a lot of energy to juggle the marketing coordinator responsibilities. Francois helps with managing the Red Caffeine brand. He paints the picture of who Red Caffeine is and defines our personality. He is also a part of the Business Development team. Francois is constantly in and out of meetings and traveling to sales pitches.

Something you probably don’t know about Francois: “I was born and raised in South Africa. After moving to the U.S. over a decade ago, I’ve lived in four states and have visited all but a handful of them.”

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Heather Carbray: Joined February 2014

Heather has a background in accounting. However, for 11 years prior to coming to Red Caffeine, she worked in multiple Special Education facets, including teacher’s assistant, job coach, and bus driver.

Bad Ass Award of Excellence: Cappuccino

They say a good cappuccino is difficult to find. Well, we found ours. Heather brought her nurturing and calculated mind to Red Caffeine. You can find Heather either plugging numbers or playing lifeguard to save whoever is drowning in work. We are pretty lucky to find someone able to be our accountant as well as RC super mom.

Something you probably don’t know about Heather: “In middle school, I was the starting point guard on the girls’ basketball team. Yes, really.” (Being about the same height sitting down and standing up, we were surprised by this fun fact).

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Bunny Mirrilees: Joined September 2014

Bunny had eight years of experience as a project manager before coming to Red Caffeine. Working this position trained her as jack of all trades in marketing. A five-car collision removed her from the workforce dealing with subsequent surgeries. Now fully recovered and ready to make up for lost time, Bunny has jumped into Red Caffeine to really own public relations.

Bad Ass Award of Excellence: Latte

Bunny is a whole “Latte” awesome. She builds a network of connections as our Public Relations Director. She creates tools and systems to track contacts and earns companies the publicity they deserve through local, national, and industry media outlets.

Something you probably don’t know about Bunny: “I learned to downhill ski when I was two. For years I thought the ‘Bunny Bowl’ at our favorite Midwest ski resort was named after me. My heart lives in the mountains while the rest of me is here in suburbia.”

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Kacey Keegan: Joined September 2014

Kacey is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She studied advertising and public relations in school and has a background in marketing research. We made sure to snag her shortly after graduation and adopt her into the RC team.

Bad Ass Award of Excellence: Frappe

Kacey is our office Frappe. She is the sweet, new eyes to the team. As community management intern, Kacey splits her time between social media management and junior copywriting. Being paid to socialize doesn’t sound half bad.

Something you probably don’t know about Kacey: “I flew down to visit a friend in Costa Rica without a plan. We caught the first bus out of San Jose and explored the volcano village, Arenal. We then taxied out to the Pacific Coast and lived out of hostels.”

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