Meet Nick and Michelle

Red Caffeine is a team that just keeps growing, and we hire with intention. Meet our latest and greatest additions. We promise our hiring decisions weren’t influenced (too much) by the famous people they’ve each met.

Meet Nick:
Nick McGuire is our new Digital Marketing Strategist, helping put the “+” in “Marketing + Technology.” Nick has joined our talented tech team and will be helping clients with search engine optimization, search engine marketing, marketing automation and sales enablement, and overall digital strategies. He has prior experience as a channel marketing strategist at Patterson Medical and earned his BA from North Central College.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I’m a big movie buff, and I also enjoy reading, going to Cubs games, running a podcast on politics and craft beer (yes, it's a real thing), and selling wine bottle-sized straws!

What other interesting facts can you share about yourself?
I've met three presidents, a king, the Speaker of the House, the diplomatic head of the Vatican and at least a couple people wanted for war crimes. Probably could've left that last one off but it sounds cool.

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Meet Michelle:
Michelle Phelps joined our client services team as an Account Manager, and is helping us welcome some of our newest clients to the RC family. Michelle has several years of experience as a marketing consultant and event planner, and has worked with municipalities and in the restaurant and hospitality industries. She earned her bachelor’s degree from DePaul University.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love going to concerts especially to see my favorite indie rock bands. I just recently saw Wilco twice at the Chicago Theatre. I'm always up for checking out the latest restaurant. I'm obsessed with traveling, fashion (especially anything Marc Jacobs and Chanel) and photography. I don't watch much TV, but Modern Family and Chopped are my favorite shows...and I do love to "Keep Up With the Kardashians" or anything on E! as a guilty pleasure! :)

What other interesting facts can you share about yourself?
The coolest celebrity I've ever met was George Clooney. I trained in ballet for years. I spent a summer in China.

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