Owning A Business: The Naked Truth

CEO Exposes Business Secrets

As an entrepreneur, you’re calling all the shots. So it should be easy, right? Those who have lived the journey of an entrepreneur know that this is almost never the case. It’s a difficult venture, and you will undoubtedly make mistakes along the way.

Kathy Steele, CEO and Founder of Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology, has started four companies, bootstrapped them all, and survived a business divorce. On September 30th, Kathy exposed her business secrets to leaders and entrepreneurs in a 2-hour discussion at the Rev3 Innovation Center in Naperville, IL. She shared her journey and advised on the basics to kicking off a business.

The main points of her presentation included:

• How to define your business purpose (Not just what you do, but why you do what you do)
• Why you should build an exceptional culture
• How to play the game of business and win, including finance, sales, marketing, operations and talent

See Kathy's post-presentation blog post about what inspired her to write Red Caffeine's vision.