We’ve Launched Red Caffeine University

They say college is the best years of your life, which is why … we’re re-enrolling! We’re proud and excited to share that we’ve launched Red Caffeine University (RCU).

We’ve always embraced a culture of learning and we’ve finally formalized a program to support this value. RCU is our internal and external education network. Our RCU library includes process documentation to align with career pathing and onboarding resources to bring on new staff.

RCU is also our channel for providing ongoing employee education to our entire team. Two RCU classes we’ve mastered so far are Financial Literacy 101 and Data Merge Technology.

Class: Financial Literacy 101
Professor: Kevin Walter, Chief Procurement Officer of Tasty Catering & Great Game of Business Certified Coach and Practitioner

A huge thank you to Kevin Walter from Tasty Catering for facilitating the Financial Literacy 101 workshop. As members of the Great Game of Business (GGOB), we’re committed to embracing financial transparency and promoting employee engagement.

Kevin guided a hands-on workshop so our team can better understand the breakdown of our financials and how we’re impacting the bottom line. We're now experts at calculating and reading income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. But ... we'll still let Heather do the heavy lifting. Let the games begin!

Class: Data Merge Technology
Professor: Danny Wyse, Graphic Designer at Red Caffeine

Wearer of many hats, Danny Wyse, has been our Baseball Coach, Lead Vocals for our Christmas video, and now our Technology Professor. During a lunch and learn, Danny stepped the team through a new technology tool we’ve developed to increase efficiency when merging data for branded materials.

Maybe we’re nerding out over this, but new tech always gets us excited! We can now auto-populate branded templates with sorted data from excel spreadsheets. How cool is that? Again, we can segment mass data fast and make it look darn good! This is a major breakthrough for designing business identity materials such as business cards and sales documents.

If you’re interested in learning more about our program, you can reach out to any of our RCU scholars. Cheers to getting a whole lot smarter!