RC Graduates from the Junto Institute

As you may have heard, members of the Red Caffeine team mentioned that we’ve been on a path of tremendous -- and fast-paced -- growth. A little over a year ago, the Red Caffeine leadership team recognized that we needed some outside support on this journey, and sought out business development and mentorship programs to help Red Caffeine grow with strategy and intention.

After evaluating a number of options, Red Caffeine joined the apprenticeship program offered by the Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership as a proud member of the JuntoIV cohort, and over the past nine months, our entire team has committed to a series of classes, leadership forums, group meetings with our mentors, and weekly practices to enhance our emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Junto taught us to focus on where we needed to grow as leaders and as a company. All of our hard work paid off because … we GRADUATED!

Red Caffeine and five other companies in the Junto IV cohort (Arrow Payments, Cristaux, Link Capital, Review Trackers, and Schlep) celebrated with their mentors, sponsors, and former and future apprentices on October 18 at a special program and reception hosted at 1871 in downtown Chicago.

The Junto IV participants had several opportunities to share how they and their companies have been impacted by the Junto program during an interactive panel, reception, and during the traditional Junto “big ask,” where each CEO asks attendees for what they most need to help their businesses continue to grow. As a ceremonial recognition, Junto mentors presented each graduating CEO with a leather apron, welcoming them into the Leather Apron Club (historically significant to the founding of the Leather Apron Club in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin).

Junto co-founders Catherine and Raman ended the night by sharing their appreciations, a tradition at every Junto meeting, class, or mentor session, where they recognized each participant for their unique insights, personalities, and contributions to the group.

One of the best things about what we’ve learned at Junto is that we’ve been putting it into practice every day, with each other, with our clients, and with friends of Red Caffeine. As graduates, we are fortunate to have a network of fellow apprentices and mentors who will continue to help us on our journey forward. And even though we’ve graduated, we’re never done learning.


 See photos from Junto Night here.