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Red Caffeine Expands Technology and Design Departments

Red Caffeine Expands Technology and Design Departments

It seems as though we are always hiring. Yet, we can’t get the talent into the door fast enough. 

In the past few months, we made a few hires to grow our content team, hence expanding our marketing capabilities. To balance out Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology’s added marketing capabilities, we’ve expanded our technology and design teams as well. 

Welcome Chaz and Jené to the Red Caffeine family. Get ready to work hard, play hard.


Meet Chaz:

Chaz is Red Caffeine’s new Tech Lead/Lead Developer. He’s responsible for leading all things web at RC. Beyond the development of websites and applications, his technical lead role ensures the entire tech team is utilizing the best techniques and technologies on every project.

Chaz has worked as a Front End Developer and Designer at multiple agencies. But his passion for web design and development dates back many more years, first ignited as a little kid. Pursuing this interest, he attended the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg and graduated with a bachelor’s in web design and interactive media. A Red Caffeine employee recognized his talent, invited him to come in for an interview, and he’s now 100% integrated into the team.

Something you might not know about Chaz: “I really enjoy playing Frisbee golf.”


Meet Jené:

Jené is our newest graphic designer. We’ve already got her hard at work designing logos, branding digital emails, creating advertisements, drawing up trade show experiences, laying out websites and imagining creative experiential marketing tactics. Beyond designing marketing assets, Jené also participates in our client strategy phase to analyze the marketplace and pinpoint client target audiences.

Before coming onboard at Red Caffeine, Jené was an in-house designer for a corporation, while also expressing her creativity as a freelance consultant. Upon deciding to break away from the corporate world and seek work for a marketing company, as opposed to a marketing department within a company, Jené was connected with Red Caffeine. She’s shared her excitement to be a part of a team where everyone is design focused in one way or another. 

Something most people don’t know about Jené is: “I had a rough start in life at first. My twin sister and I were born 3 months premature, weighing a combined 3lbs. And to top it off, my mom had no idea she was having twins until the day she had us. I was born second so … SURPRISE!"