RC Updated Its Relationship Status

Now Going Steady with MakingChips

Over the last few years, we’ve been on-again-off-again guests on the MakingChips podcast. But we’re proud to announce that we’re now going steady. You can expect to regularly see us (or more correctly “hear us”) share our marketing + manufacturing expertise over the next twelve months.

Our first episode in this year-long series is an interview with RC VP, Julie Poulos, about the client profile. If you’ve worked with us, you’ve likely filled out this tool yourself. The client profile helps set the stage. It outlines your brand development and business growth goals, identifies areas for opportunity and helps you recognize what you know about your company … and what you don’t know.

[SPOILER ALERT] A few more topics you can look forward to hearing include targeting your audience, leveraging technology to create efficiency, and aligning your marketing with sales.

Tune in to our most recent episode, MC095: Start Here First To Begin Marketing A Manufacturing Company w/Julie Poulos.