Small Giants Unleash the Entrepreneur Inside Every Employee

Small Giants Chicago recently hosted the fourth and final event in the Small Giants Speaker Series, sponsored by Red Caffeine. Tasty Catering, one of Forbes Best Small Companies,  hosted and catered the event at their Elk Grove Village headquarters. Kevin Walter, Chief Procurement Officer of Tasty Catering, shared what it takes to unleash the entrepreneur inside of every employee with the Great Game of Business. Over 20 guests from mid-size companies came out to rediscover the speed and agility they once had as a startup and to network with like-minded business leaders.

While Kevin made many impactful points during his presentation, two of the greatest takeaways  were: humility and transparency are the keys to great leadership, and celebrating small wins early can lead to big wins later on.

At the end of the event, some guests still couldn’t get enough and stayed an additional hour to engage in further conversation about their specific challenges, open book management, the Great Game of Business, Tasty Catering and Small Giants.

Many thanks to Tom and Kevin Walter for their generosity in hosting such a delicious and engaging Small Giants Chicago event!