The Best Business Advice Kathy Steele Has Ever Received

Why We Play the "Great Game of Business"

Kathy Steele was featured on a BizCast video about the greatest business advice she’s ever received: play the Great Game of Business (GGOB). Red Caffeine subscribes to the GGOB philosophy, which means all our employees have access to our books and are trained to understand our critical numbers. Playing the game empowers people to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility to impact the bottom line through day-to-day efficiencies. Watch Kathy’s video to learn more about why she decided to play the Great Game.

We’ve played two GGOB “mini-games” so far. The goal is to develop better workplace habits and reduce inefficacies. Cliff Hanger, our first mini-game, tightened up quality control. The second game, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, improved time-tracking habits.