The Hero's Journey For Entrepreneurs

Business Storytelling to Hook New Leads

Business Storytelling to Hook New Leads

The storytelling pattern, known as The Hero’s Journey, can be seen throughout films, books, religious rituals and psychology. It should come as no surprise that you should be using this pattern when sharing your business story as well.

Red Caffeine’s Content Director and storyteller, Shannon Callarman, hosted a 2-hour workshop at the Rev3 Innovation Center, on business storytelling for entrepreneurs to attract the right clients and customers.

She helped business leaders to better communicate “Who you are”, “What you do”, and “How you do it.” These crucial brand descriptions seem easy enough to identify, but it’s a difficult task for most entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Once the preliminary brand story has been developed, this story can be repurposed throughout many pieces of marketing collateral. As Red Caffeine’s VP Julie Poulos always says, “Write once, repurpose many.”

The highlights of Shannon’s workshop follow: 
• Why every business needs a story. 
• The basic structure of how stories are told. 
• How to develop a brand story. 
• How to tie-in your brand story within your overall marketing plan.

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