Using Technology as a Tool for Marketing

Senior Service Providers get a Lesson in Tech

At the beginning of the year Rich Klicki, Director of Content Development for The Daily Herald, asked us to contribute to an article, “How will technology affect business in 2016, specifically for social media marketing?” Red Caffeine’s community manager, Kacey Keegan, shared which social trends stuck out.

Following this article the Vice President and Program Chair of the Association of Senior Service Providers (ASSP) reached out because social media marketing was among the various challenges ASSP members face. He invited Kacey to come out and share some marketing and tips and tricks.

Her presentation, “Using Technology as a Tool for Marketing,” talked through what content you need to have on your website to leverage it as a sales rep; how to utilize templates and analytics to email market like a pro; and tools to assist with social media marketing when you don’t have the time to monitor multiple social channels daily.