Work, Wine & Dine

Kathy and Julie go to Napa on TMA's invitation

Kathy and Julie Work, Wine, and Dine in Napa

This October, Red Caffeine President Kathy Steele and VP Julie Poulos were honored with an invitation to speak at the Technology and Manufacturing Association’s (TMA) annual board meeting in Napa, CA. They headed an educational forum on integrated marketing. The TMA sought insight to better communicate their brand values and ultimately engage further with their members.

Associations and businesses alike need an integrated marketing plan. Kathy and Julie explained developing a balance between online and offline strategies.

Three takeaways from their presentation were:

  1. It all starts with shaping and establishing goals.
  2. Conduct strategic research to understand the needs of your buyer.
  3. Develop a plan with tactics you can execute.

After all the hard work was done Kathy and Julie enjoyed sightseeing with our TMA friends around wine country and touring the Lagunita’s brewery.  They didn’t forget about us back in Illinois and brought back souvenirs!