Small Parts, BIG Impact

Specialty Manufacturing, Inc.

  •  Strategy 
  •  Branding 
  •  Content Marketing 
  •  Web Design & Development 

Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) is a leader in silicone manufacturing, specializing in silicone components for the medical device industry. In order to effectively expand into new markets, such as LED lighting, SMI needed a rebrand and a website their clients and prospects would love to visit.

Making a Bold Stance With Silicone

We designed a new logo that aligned with their vision statement: To make a bold stance in the marketplace by providing our silicone knowledge and expertise to all industries. The new logo is bright and bold with blending colors that represent the process of creating silicone.


Putting Your Inventory to Work

One subset of their business is selling from an inventory of standard silicone components. We developed a modern online ordering process to simplify the buying experience and put SMI's inventory to work! The custom e-commerce system positions SMI to reach new customers, move more inventory, and focus on their bread and butter — selling customized solutions.


Folder / Capabilities Brochure

To promote the new brand, we created several marketing and business identity materials, but what has been the most valuable to the SMI team is the sales folder and capabilities brochure. This unique marketing piece combines sell sheets, a business card cut-out, and a pocket where a brand book and samples of their silicone sheeting can be included all within a branded folder.

Brand Book

The brand book itself is the epitome of who SMI is. It includes the history of SMI, the industries they serve, how they deliver, and even a page where SMI’s comprehensive validation process is illustrated. Although made for external use when communicating with prospects, it can also be used for internal use when onboarding new members to the SMI team.