Brands Built on Great Stories


What's Your Brand Story?

People relate to stories starting at an early age. The best stories leave a lasting imprint on our souls. In the business world, compelling brand stories have purpose. They are authentic and memorable. Our clients have great stories. We help them be told using a cohesive collection of words, icons, colors, photos and catchy elevator pitches.


Our Branding Process

We begin by writing the story of Who You Are, What You Do, Who You Do it For and How You Do it Better. We highlight competitive advantages and why you should be the brand of choice for your clientele. Following the strategy, we have deep understanding of your marketplace, ideal customers and how you differ from the competition.

We collaborate with you on the final product so you can tell your story to customers, prospects, employees and recruiters. We then start the brand or logo development process where you take an active part. Together, we'll have a creative session identifying your color, type and aesthetic preference. This extra step helps us align with your vision, even if you don’t consider yourself creative.


Every Story Needs a Brand Book

The outcome of this phase is a Brand Book intended to be shared with your team and in some cases, your customers. The Brand Book showcases a compelling message and design, making it easier for you to sell and your customers to connect. This invaluable piece includes your purpose, vision, mission and values, along with guidelines for keeping your brand consistent across all branding and marketing tactics.